License Management

There are various options for including a license:

  • Option 1: Upload a license (e.g. license.txt) through the upload wizard inside the extension

  • Option 2: Place a license.txt inside the qgeo directory

  • Option 3: Include a license inside the extension properties panel

  • Option 4: Upload a license (e.g. license.txt) to Qlik Sense server and place it inside the resources folder

Option 1: Upload license.txt

Upload a valid license file (filename must be license.txt) through the upload wizard of the extension. This options only works on QLik Sense Desktop (for QLik Sense Server use Option 4).

QGeo license upload

Option 2: Manually Copy license.txt

Manually copy the license file into the QGeo extension directory (e.g. C:\Users\[User]\Documents\QlikSense\Extensions\qgeo\license.txt).

QGeo directory

Option 3: Add license via properties panel

Use the QGeo properties panel to manually add a license as string.

QGeo properties license panel

Option 4: Add license.txt in the Content Library (Server Installation)

Inside the Qlik Sense Server switch to QMC and add a new content library „qgeo“ where you can upload a license file (filename must be license.txt).

QMC Content Library

Open the Qlik Management Console and select the content libraries tab (http://domain/qmc/)

QMC Content Library

Inside the content libraries tab click on the „Create new“ button

QMC Content Library

Create a new content library „qgeo“

QMC Content Library

Upload the license.txt file inside the content tab

QMC Content Library

Content library qgeo created successfully

More information about the how to create and handle content libraries can be found at and in the tutorial video „Creating Content Libraries in Qlik Sense“:

Invalid License

There is a notice if no valid license is found: